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UAB "Veterinarijos pagalba" veiklos vertinimas

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dc.contributor.author Jankauskaitė, Ieva
dc.date.accessioned 2019-01-31T09:22:22Z
dc.date.available 2019-01-31T09:22:22Z
dc.date.issued 2018-06-22
dc.identifier.uri http://dspace.kaunokolegija.lt//handle/123456789/509
dc.description The final work was discussed in the activity of UAB "Veterinary support". The content of the final work consists of scientific and professional literature reviews, analyses the situation and development of veterinary enterprises in Lithuania and EU countries, as well as legal documents are analysed in veterinary and animal welfare and the law for the protection of . Briefly discuss the types of health services, and their attributes. Given the cost in JSC "Health" data, to analyze the material and human resources. Discussed in the company's activities and the company carried out a risk analysis. The problem of final work: animal care technology is constantly changing, ascending the number of different animal species, it is necessary to know the individual items in their care, many residents willingly entrust their pets pros going on vacation, so this issue remains relevant and important. Animal care, prevention is an important part of their health. Many different factors can affect the pet's health, so it is very important to note the first signs and prevent recourse to the veterinarian. Currently, there are no companies of pursuing animal hotels in Šakiai district UAB "Veterinary support" at the moment the hotel formalize of animal services. Therefore, the company should get a significant number of clients, because it is the first in the area. UAB "Veterinary support" plant variety of the animals treated are not. The main treated animals are dogs, most of them brought to this company. Less commonly occur in cats. As well as a veterinarian, I had to go to the cattle and sheep, born of working horses. The number of animals treated in the year amounted to 424, 2015 2016-2017-330, and 519. On average, over the years, the company brought 424 treated animals, average 318 dogs, 17 cats and 89 other types of animals. en
dc.description.abstract Baigiamajame darbe buvo aptartas UAB „Veterinarijos pagalba“ veiklos vertinimas. Baigiamojo darbo turinys susideda iš mokslinės ir profesinės literatūros apžvalgos, joje analizuojama veterinarijos įmonių būklė ir plėtra Lietuvoje ir ES šalyse, taip pat analizuojami teisės dokumentai – veterinarijos ir gyvūnų gerovės ir apsaugos įstatymai. Trumpai aptartos veterinarijos paslaugų rūšys bei jų požymiai. Analitinėje dalyje pateikti UAB „Veterinarijos pagalba“ įmonės duomenys, išanalizuoti materialieji bei žmogiškieji ištekliai. Aptartos įmonės veiklos kryptys bei atlikta šios įmonės rizikos veiksnių analizė. en_US
dc.language.iso other en_US
dc.subject Veterinarija, veiklos vertinimas, gyvūnas, pašarai en_US
dc.title UAB "Veterinarijos pagalba" veiklos vertinimas en_US
dc.title.alternative Performance analysis of the UAB Veterinarijos pagalba en_US
dc.type Other en_US

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